100% Adhesive Nail Polish
Adhesive Nail Polish

with diverse colors and patterns

using Silk Screen Printing Technology

Made of 100% Real Nail Polish (It is not PU, PVC, etc.)

Very Safe ( SGS Certified)

No more dryting time (Gel Nail UV Dryer is not good for nails.)

Breathable with many minute holes

3 in 1 (Combination of Base+Design+Top Surface Coating)

Long lasting (14 days)

Easy to adhere to nails

Easy to remove with normal remover (such as Acetone)




Han WorkingK KG

Vienna, Austria


Clean and buff your nails before application.
1. Select correct size of nail polish
2. Remove clear cover
3. Apply to nail and gently press to fit
4. Remove excess
Remove with nail polish remover.


  • Smooth your nail surface and clean the cuticles for longer lasting results.
  • To enhance appearances of your nails, apply top coat after applying each strip.
  • Do not stretch or pull the strips during the applying process
  • Not recommended on damaged nail.
  • Use only for nail.
  • Please do not keep in hot area or sun.
  • Keep out reach of children and pets.